Fri. Jan 17th, 2020

How can a teacher distinguish an ordered thesis from a self-written one?

Almost any qualified teacher can easily determine whether the student wrote the work on their own or not. The difference is especially noticeable among first-year students, who still do not really know how scientific papers are drawn up. To write a good coursework or thesis, you need to spend a lot of time preparing and studying the material.

Student and teacher relationship

When passing the course (thesis) work, each student is assigned a supervisor who helps to successfully complete the task. Indicates errors, offers ideas and resolves difficulties. But what if a student who never once got drunk on a consultation suddenly brings perfectly completed work? Of course, this will cause certain suspicions in the teacher.

From this conclusion, if a student attends consultations, asks questions to them and generally studies well, then his work is unlikely to be perceived as ordered.

Answers on questions

Obviously, if a student himself has completed his work, then he must understand perfectly well the subject of his course or thesis. If the teacher asks questions to the student on the topic, and he absolutely can not answer one conclusion – the work was ordered. Therefore, before submitting your work, read it and make a list of likely questions from the commission. This will take not so much time, but it will allow you to successfully submit the ordered work.

Perfect design

The student has never been particularly successful in studies, rarely appeared in pairs, nevertheless, his finished work is ideally framed, so do not quibble. Of course, this will cause the teacher to suspect. How to be in this case? Making mistakes yourself, of course, is not the best way out. Rather, try to prove that the topic is really learned by the student, having studied his scientific work well before passing.

Having previously met with the supervisor, many suspicions can be avoided. The teacher will see that the student is working in the right direction and will be somewhat more loyal upon delivery.

Teacher Failure

Term papers and dissertations are handed over to general-education guests, however, each teacher has a number of individual requirements that he makes to students. The complete disregard of these requirements in scientific work may raise a number of questions.


If the list of references indicates complex works that the student has not even heard of. Links to which he never went, then this is an obvious sign of the purchased work. One question from the teacher is enough to find out.

If you take into account all of the above factors, to prepare well for defense, it is quite possible to successfully convince the teacher in the independent implementation of the ordered work. The main thing to remember is that buying a term paper is not enough, you also need to protect it. You should not order work from people from the university in which you study. There is a very high probability that someone has recently passed your coursework.

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